24/7 Command Center

Always on command center.

Case Global operates a 24-hour command center designed to assist your organization in expediting the communication of important safety, security, and facility information.

24/7 Command Center Features & Benefits


24/7 Support

Live customer service and assistance.


Threat Communication

Communication of general threat information to your security organization, including specific information you need relayed to one or all of your locations.


Multifloor Analytics

Reduce risks and adjust operations based on indoor heat maps. Filter incidents by type or party involved.


Incident management

Latest solutions to emergency communications that enhance crisis management, response time and situational awareness. We provide solutions specifically designed for end-to-end crisis notification and incident management.


Incident Notification

Provides an extra level of assurance that significant events will be reported to key personnel within your organization.


Incident Monitoring

Monitoring of incident reports for significant events. Based on criteria set by you during the implementation phase, CaseGlobal command center personnel will notify you in a method that best suits your organization.

Case Mobile on Video

Case Mobile in Schools

We put a virtual emergency phone into the hands of students, teachers and administrators. Using the GPS enabled Case Alert security module first responders are able to track changes to the location of an emergency in real time and have the ability for two way interactive communications with the student or teacher throughout the incident.

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Case Mobile in Retail Locations

When it comes to security, nothing is more effective than a Safe Zone powered by CaseGlobal.Our mobile security app enables real­time monitoring with GPS tracking and accurate in­door positioning. When you’re in a Safe Zone powered by CaseGlobal everyone is connected, so working together to provide solutions is simple and effective.

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Case Mobile in Medical Centers

At hospitals and health care centers, CaseGlobal is a reliable communication system. In the case of a contamination, our accurate in­door and floor­level positioning allows for strategic evacuations and quarantines. You can send floor­level alerts and instructions to your staff, and provide emergency response agencies, such as Hazmat crews, with the real­time information they need to prevent an outbreak.

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